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Fire and Water Restoration Company near Red Lion PA

10/28/2022 (Permalink)

Tucked away in the rolling hills of York County is Red Lion, PA, a charming small town that’s built on quaint streets and lots of history. Settled in 1852, the town took its name from the Red Lion Tavern.

The original tavern still stands as a historic site, while a modern tavern of the same name is located downtown. Just across the street from the current Red Lion Tavern, you can follow in the footsteps of members of the band Halestorm. Musicians’ Row is home to both The Guitar Spot USA and Tom’s Music Trade.

In addition to modern music history, the town also has a rich history of manufacturing. Several cigar manufacturers have called Red Lion home, including the Consumers Cigar Box Company, which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At one time, tobacco was Red Lion’s leading industry, which is why the Red Lion Borough Historic District celebrates the New Year by raising a giant cigar in the town square every New Years’ Eve.

It’s a great tradition and a great reminder to dispose of cigars and matches properly. Failure to do so can sometimes result in fire damage. If you need a fire and water restoration company near Red Lion, PA, contact SERVPRO. Our restoration specialists can beat the heat and make it “Like it never even happened.”  

On top of the historical spots downtown, the Red Lion Splash Pad offers a fun way to cool down in Fairmount Park. Plus, Red Lion, PA, is also conveniently located halfway between Lake Redman and the Susquehanna River. Not only that, but with Fishing Creek, Pine Run, and Barshinger Creek, running through town, it’s easy to enjoy a nice view of the water or see if anything’s biting.

Any town that’s close to water is at risk for flooding, especially when storms roll through. Once the water goes down, SERVPRO can help with flood damage. As a fire and water restoration company near Red Lion, PA, our specialists can restore everything to make it look just the way it was.  

Mold Remediation Company near York PA

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

Mold is a nuisance. That’s why even the smallest sign of it should be taken care of quickly. SERVPRO of East York is a mold remediation company near York, PA that can clean and help minimize mold from coming back into your home, office, or commercial space.

If you’ve noticed any signs of mold, contact us right away. We’ll address your mold problem and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Experienced Mold Professionals

When you see or smell mold, you want it handled by the experts, right? Of course. That’s why every member of our team is highly trained and required to earn Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

With a certified team, your property will be in good hands. We’ll start hunting for the source of your mold and implement our mold remediation strategies quickly. Not only will our team work fast, but you can reach us any time.  

As a national company, we have the resources to tackle all sorts of jobs, but we’re also close by. Since we’re local, you can reach us 24/7, even on holidays. No matter when we take your call, we’ll be there to start the mold remediation process within a few hours.  

Our Proven Mold Remediation Method

Whether you find mold in your home or see signs of it in a commercial setting, SERVPRO of East York can handle cleanup for you. Our certified experts work fast and attack every instance of mold with a proven method. Our approach includes the following:

  • Inspect & Assess the Damage
  • Contain the Spread of Mold
  • Air Filtration & Purification
  • Removing Mold & Infested Materials
  • Cleaning All Belongings

Contact Us for Reliable Mold Remediation

When it looks like you’re in need of a mold remediation company near York, PA, contact us at SERVPRO of East York. From our methods to our knowledgeable team, your space will be free of mold in no time. Contact us if you have any questions or need immediate mold remediation.

Commercial Restoration Services near Me

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Unexpected events happen. When they do, you’ll need a team to clean up and restore your commercial space to how it was before. SERVPRO of East York is proud to specialize in commercial restoration services and helping businesses get back to work. With a 24/7 response team, we can begin the restoration process quickly.

Faster to Any Disaster

Disasters can take on many forms, from fires to floods to storms. SERVPRO is prepared to tackle whatever kind of commercial restoration your space needs. We offer specific restoration approaches depending on the type of damage your space has sustained. Some of the commercial restoration services we offer include:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Water damage has its own unique challenges ranging from drywall damage and bloating to carpets soaking in water. Our SERVPRO teams can tackle it all. We have staff trained in specific damage clean-up and restoration that can help you through the entire process.

Fire damage is often more than just damage from flames. Smoke can cause damage, as can the water used to put the fire out. When we restore spaces with fire damage, our teams will assess and tackle it all.

Storm damage can require a lot of clean-up. Our team can clean up and manage the restoration process so you can focus on preparing your business to reopen more quickly.

Have questions about the insurance process? Our team can help you navigate that as well! We’ll let you know what forms to fill out, who to speak to, and more.

Any Space, Any Size

Commercial spaces are different sizes and styles depending upon what they’re used for. SERVPRO of East York can handle many different sized retail spaces, from office buildings to movie theaters to retail shops or big box stores.

Whatever size your space is, our team is prepared to help you restore it.

“Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East York is faster to any disaster. We strive to restore your commercial space so you and your team can get back to work, “Like it never even happened.” If you have questions about our commercial restoration services, contact our team. We’ll go over the services we offer and help get you to restore your business as soon as possible.

Contact us today.  

Best Ways to Mitigate Fire Risks

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Home fires are common—more common than you may realize. The modern home has many fire risks, with everything from cooking equipment to electrical malfunctions as a possible cause of residential fires.

How do you mitigate the risk of a fire? Even if a fire does start, there are precautions you can take today that will help keep it from blazing out of control. At SERVPRO of East York, we want to share our best tips, so you can stop a fire early and even avoid fire risks in the first place.  

1) Test your smoke alarms regularly

Your smoke alarms are your first line of defense against fires. A modern smoke detector doesn’t just ring loudly like the ones of yesteryear—it’s wired to send alerts to your smart devices, too.

That means a smoke detector can alert you to a house fire even if you’re not at home, so long as you have your smartphone on you. However, that can only happen if the smoke alarms are functioning. You should test them once every six months to ensure they’re working properly.

Here’s how you test a smoke detector: Simply press a button built into the alarm. If the beep is weak, you should change the batteries ASAP. (Modern smoke alarms can even send an alert to your smartphone when it’s time for a battery change, so you won’t have to guess.)

2) Clean your stove and oven and pay attention when cooking

Cooking is one of the most common sources of house fires. It only takes a few seconds for something in the kitchen to catch fire if something goes wrong. You should never leave your cooking unattended.

That’s not just the oven and stove—it’s any cooking device, from a slow cooker (be sure you’re at home when you’re using it) to an outdoor grill (be sure to keep it at a safe distance from your home).

While we’re at it, be sure to wipe down your stovetop after every use to remove food particles. You’ll want to regularly clean the buildup in your oven, too.

3) Invest in a fire extinguisher

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. (Bonus points if you have a fire extinguisher for each floor.) Make sure your extinguishers are placed in easily accessible areas with multiple exit routes.

Make sure everyone in the household understands how to use a fire extinguisher, too. There’s a simple mnemonic you can use to teach anyone how to operate it: PASS.

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle or level to spray
  • Swipe from side to side as you aim and spray

You’ll want to keep up on fire extinguisher maintenance, too. Make sure expired fire extinguishers are replaced and depressurized fire extinguishers are “recharged.”

Mitigate Fire Risks With These Tips

For as many fire risks as there are in your house, there are ways to mitigate them. Be cautious with candles, for instance, and keep your laptops off soft surfaces like blankets, sofas, and pillows.

Want more tips for avoiding house fires and dealing with them quickly? Reach out to our experts at SERVPRO of East York and be prepared to keep future fires from getting out of hand.  

The Dos and Don’ts of Waterproofing Your Basement

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, living space or storage space, it is an integral piece of your home’s foundation. For that reason, it can be disconcerting when your basement floods.

If you’ve recently found yourself with a flooded basement, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I make sure this never happens again?”

We’re here to share with you the dos and don’ts of waterproofing your basement. Contact our team at SERVPRO of East York if you have any questions or want to inquire about our water damage restoration services.

DO Regularly Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters aren’t in your basement, but their main purpose is to keep rainwater away from your basement. If they’re clogged up, they’ll overflow, sending water directly down into your basement instead of siphoning water away from your home’s foundation.

Remember, clogged gutters can happen any time of year. Yes, fallen leaves are the main culprit in autumn, but moss and weeds can gum up the works in other seasons as well.

DO Fix Your Downspout

The downspout is the vertical pipe that moves water out of your gutters and away from your home. If your downspouts are broken and leaking—or simply facing the wrong direction—they may be sending water straight into the ground at the foundation of your home.

You want the water to be carried away from your foundation, so be sure the downspouts are working properly.

DO Check for Cracks

Cracks in the foundation of your basement are among the most common sources of water damage. For waterproofing your basement, you’ll want to identify these cracks and have them sealed up as soon as possible. Water can easily enter your home through cracks in the foundation walls. 

DO Look for the Source of Leaks

Cracks aren’t the only source for leaks in your basement. If you realize water is indeed getting past your basement’s best defenses, take some time to find the source of the leaks.

If you’re having problems finding the source, an experienced water damage restoration and repair team can lend a hand. They’ll be able to identify the source of leaks and create a plan to seal it up.

DON’T Ignore Damp Spots

Is there an area of your basement that always seems damp? You shouldn’t ignore these waterlogged sections of your basement. They’re often signs of leaks and cracks in your foundation.

Trace any damp spots you find back to their source, so you can fix the leak or crack.

DON’T Neglect Cleaning After a Flood

A flooded basement is likely to be a mess. You may be tempted to ignore it, but don’t. If water is allowed to sit, it can lead to the rapid buildup of mold (which often starts in the first 24 hours).

Aside from the health risks and structural problems mold poses, it will also impede your efforts to waterproof your basement once the floodwaters have subsided. So, be proactive. Have your basement cleaned out by water damage restoration and repair specialists.

Waterproofing Starts With Water Damage Repair

If a flooded basement has alerted you to the importance of waterproofing your basement, know that you’re not alone. Our experts at SERVPRO of East York are here to serve homeowners like you.

Give us a call for fast 24-hour service after a flood. We can help you assess the damage, remove the water, dry and dehumidify the basement, and restore it to a structurally sound condition. If you need help waterproofing your home and basement, give our team a call today!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service near Me

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

A clean room is a welcoming room. From homes and offices to commercial spaces, there’s just something so inviting about clean carpets and surfaces. However, sometimes stains and dirt can accumulate, and it takes more than just vacuuming to get them clean again.

When you need carpet and upholstery cleaning service near you, contact SERVPRO of East York. Our experienced team will use deep cleaning and restorative services to remove stains, spots, and dirt so effectively, it’sLike it never even happened.”

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Options

Our cleaning services extend to both residential and commercial properties. From sprucing up surfaces around the office to giving your living room carpet a deep clean, we have you covered. Not only can we remove dirt, spots, and stains for you, but we’ll restore your carpets and upholsteries to look as stylish and colorful as ever.

Our cleaning methods include:

  • Bonnet Cleaning—Incorporates cleaning solution and a rotary machine to give short piled carpets a gentle yet effective treatment.
  • Dry Cleaning—Keeps colors vibrant while offering a deep clean thanks to an effective dry-cleaning method.
  • Hot Water Extraction—Using the power of heat, plus a reliable cleaning solution, this method removes dirt and stains for a deep clean.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse—Makes your carpets and surfaces look good as new again by restoring soiled areas to their former glory.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning—Our deepest and most extensive cleaning service can remove even the toughest spots and stains.

IICRC Certified Cleaning Team

Getting your carpet or upholstery cleaned is a big decision. Fortunately, SERVPRO of East York can provide you with some peace of mind. In addition to our proven methods of cleaning and restoration, you’ll get the confidence that your carpet or upholstery is in good hands.

Every member of our cleaning crews has earned an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). That gives them the expertise to assess any damage, recommend the best method, and get everything looking as good as new.

Get Quality Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

When you spot some stains on your rug or want to give the upholstery in your office a good cleaning, contact SERVPRO of East York. We’re proud to provide trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service near you.

Water Damage Restoration Company near York PA

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

As a homeowner or a building manager, you’ll always want to be aware of water damage. From flooding caused by heavy rain to bursting pipes in the winter, it’s crucial to stay on top of any water damage on your property. Even something as small as a leaky sink or tub can affect your home or business.

If that happens and you need a water damage restoration company near York, PA, reach out to us at SERVPRO of East York. Our highly trained staff and effective methods of restoration will make it “Like it never even happened.”

The Importance of Dealing With Water Damage

No matter how moisture got into your home or office, it’s important to deal with any and all damage quickly. That’s because water damage can lead to other issues, including health effects and structural damage to your property. The side effects from water damage caused by flooding and leaks include:

  • Rotted Wood
  • Mold Growth
  • Rusted Metal
  • Electrical Failings
  • Infestations

When metal or wood is deteriorating, the important thing is to stop rot and decay before it’s too late. Likewise, moisture is a breeding ground for both mold and insects, which bring their own unpleasant odors to your building. To help minimize these problems from expanding, contact SERVPRO of East York right away.

Fast, Effective Water Damage Restoration

Since dealing with water damage quickly is so important, you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We’re not just on call year-round—we’ll be at your door in just a few hours, so we can get to work right away.

In addition to moving quickly, our team will utilize advanced drying techniques and state-of-the-art water removal equipment. Our proven method for restoring your property from water damage includes:

  • Inspecting and Assessing Damage
  • Removing and Extracting Water Damage and Mold
  • Drying the Area and Dehumidifying the Space
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Restoring Anything That’s Salvageable

Experienced Water Restoration Team

Not only can we find the source of water damage, dry your property and belongings, and remove any water damage, but we can do it quickly and reliably. All our specialists have earned Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which means your property will be in the best hands.

By putting our highly trained team to work, everything from inspection to extraction to drying, cleaning, and restoring will be done right.

Water Damage: What to Look For

Since water damage can do a number on your home or commercial space, it’s important to know when you need water damage restoration. Some of the signs you can look for around your property include:

  • Bulging Ceiling or Walls
  • Dark or Damp Spots
  • Mold or Mildew Growing
  • Visible Flooding or Leaks

Over time, any mold, wet spots, or deteriorating walls and ceiling areas will continue to get worse. As soon as you notice a sign of water damage, you’ll want to contact SERVPRO of East York.

Contact Us for Reliable Water Damage Restoration

With our expertise and top-notch drying and cleaning services, SERVPRO of East York is the water damage restoration company near York, PA, that you can count on. Contact us to get started, and we’ll get to work on your water damage in no time.

Fire Damage Restoration Company near York PA

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

In the aftermath of a fire to your home or business, a trusted team of professionals can help you start to restore your property, from assessing the level of damage and completing needed repairs to sanitizing and deodorizing.

At SERVPRO of East York, we have highly trained and dedicated professionals whose goal is to help restore your property to as close to pre-fire conditions as possible. If you need a fire damage restoration company near York, PA, we are available 24/7, so give us a call to start the restoration process as soon as possible.

After a Fire: Dos and Don’ts

After the fire is extinguished, it’s still important to be careful. Some types of fire damage are not always obvious at first. Here are some steps you can take and some things to avoid post-fire:


  • Act quickly. Call a fire damage restoration company right away. The quicker you can get professionals in for repairs, the greater the odds of minimizing long-lasting damage.
  • Air out the building. If it is safe to do so, open windows and doors to reduce smoke odors.
  • Change your HVAC filter because it may be covered in soot.
  • Care for your houseplants. Soot can kill your houseplants, so to keep them healthy, wash both sides of your plants’ leaves.


  • Don’t turn on ceiling lights or fans. There may be potentially dangerous damage to the wiring.
  • Don’t wash your walls, carpets, or clothes. If not cleaned properly, you may unintentionally lock in any smoke smells.
  • Don’t eat food that may have been stored near the fire. Even shelf-stable and canned goods can become unsafe to eat when exposed to fire and smoke damage.

The Fire Restoration Process

We get to work the moment you give us a call. Once our team arrives, we will begin the fire restoration process, which involves the following:

Fire Damage Assessment

Every situation is unique. Our professionals know how to identify the symptoms of fire damage, so they can determine the extent of fire, soot, and smoke damage.

In some situations, a fire can cause water damage, too, whether from overhead sprinklers or broken plumbing. If that is the case, our fire restoration professionals know exactly how to remove water and dry out your property.

Roof and Windows Protection

One of the best ways to expedite fire damage repair is to mitigate further damage. We will immediately board up any damaged windows and secure protective tarps on the roof.

Smoke and Soot Removal

With specialized equipment, we can remove dark soot, smoke, and ash from your home or business. In addition to removing smoke from the ceilings, floors, and walls, we also have specialized tools to remove soot from:

  • Sinks
  • Electronics
  • Paintings and art
  • Kitchen items and more

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

After the soot is gone, traces of fire damage remain. At this point in the process, our professionals will deep-clean your belongings and help ensure they are odor-free.


The final step involves returning your home or business to as close to a pre-fire condition as possible. This involves everything from minor repairs, like patching drywall and installing new carpet, to major renovations, like reconstructing a room.

Have Fire Damage? Call SERVPRO, Your Fire Damage Restoration Company near York PA

Since 1967, SERVPRO has been helping Americans restore their property to preloss conditions. From the start, our goal has been to make damage “Like it never even happened.”

After a fire, the quicker you can start the restoration process, the higher the chances of recovering your property. So, if you ever need a fire damage restoration company near York, Pennsylvania, then call the professionals at SERVPRO of East York.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service near York PA

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Over time, carpets and upholstery cling to dust, odors, and allergens that can be hard to remove. At SERVPRO of East York, a carpet and upholstery cleaning service near York, PA, we have a team of highly trained carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals who help homeowners and business owners alike restore carpets and other textiles to like-new condition.

Whether you need help with stain removal, odor elimination, or a spring cleaning, our professionals have the tools and techniques to get the job done right—“Like it never even happened.”

When should I get my carpets cleaned?

Deep cleaning your carpets and other upholstery periodically helps them last longer, and it helps rid your home or business of allergens and other pollutants that can affect human health.

For personal residences, most people schedule a carpet and upholstery cleaning about once or twice per year. However, for homes with pets, smokers, and/or small children, more frequent services—about every three to six months—can help keep your home cleaner and healthier.

Carpets in a business also benefit from a deep clean every six months or at least once a year. However, areas with high traffic, like front offices and ground floors should schedule carpet-cleaning services every three to six months.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Methods

At SERVPRO, our professionals use proven, tailored methods to help restore your carpets and upholstery to a like-new condition. Different textiles require specific tools and techniques—here are just a few of the specialized cleaning methods that our teams have mastered:

  • Bonnet Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction—These cleaning methods are for low-pile and lightly to moderately soiled surfaces, making them a practical choice for homeowners who need to spring clean or want to deep clean before putting their house up for sale.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning—This is the heaviest-duty clean we offer and is suitable for textiles that need heavy-duty attention, such as soiled carpets in high-traffic areas or upholstery that has fire damage.
  • Dry Cleaning—Some carpets and upholstery are sensitive to water or may lose their color if washed. We often perform dry cleaning on wool upholstery and antique rugs.

These are only some of the methods we specialize in. Every person’s situation is unique, so every treatment will be, too.

A Trusted Team for Carpet Cleaning Services for Homes and Businesses

For over 50 years, SERVPRO has been a trusted leader in the cleaning and restoration industry. When you choose us for carpet and upholstery cleaning services, you know you’re getting a team of highly trained team professionals who know how to assess any wear and tear and implement proven solutions.

Homeowners and business managers in the York, PA, area rely on us for all their deep-cleaning needs. Whether you need a skillful spot cleaning for a difficult-to-remove stain, or you’re maintaining the waiting room of an office, we know exactly how to deliver the results you want.

The SERVPRO Carpet-Cleaning Process:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Preparation
  3. Staging
  4. Pre-treatment and spot removal
  5. Cleaning
  6. Soil protection
  7. Wrap-up

Each step is tailored to the task at hand, so you know that your things are getting the most thorough and effective treatments possible.

Contact SERVPRO of East York for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning near York PA

Keep the carpets and upholstery in your home or business in excellent condition for longer by trusting SERVPRO of East York for your carpet and upholstery cleaning services near York, Pennsylvania.

Fire Damage Restoration Company Wrightsville PA

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

When there’s a fire, the most important thing to do is to make sure everyone is safe. However, even after a fire has been extinguished, resulting fire damage to your home or business can pose further risks to safety and health.

If you need a fire damage restoration company near Wrightsville, PA, reach out to us at SERVPRO of East York. Our highly trained staff uses proven systems to help restore your property to preloss conditions, “Like it never even happened.”

The Aftermath of Fire Damage

At SERVPRO we’re committed to safe and efficient fire damage restoration. Even after the fire is out, the resulting soot and smoke damage can have adverse effects on human health.

Soot and smoke damage can become embedded in household items and restoring this property to pre-fire conditions requires specialized cleaners and unique approaches. In addition to cleaning your property, SERVPRO also knows how to treat:

  • Clothing
  • Electrical appliances
  • Carpets, wallpaper, and other porous materials
  • Houseplants
  • HVAC systems

Fire damage often goes beneath the surface and requires the use of hazardous chemicals, which is why we always recommend relying on certified professionals to conduct fire damage repair. Our fire restoration focuses on helping to restore the structural safety of a building as well as deep cleaning to remove odors and chemicals.

Experienced Fire Restoration Team

At SERVPRO, our restoration professionals are highly versed in proven systems to help ensure they mitigate any damage according to industry standards.

The process starts the moment you give us a call. From there, our professionals will arrive quickly and begin an assessment of the damage. Then, they will thoroughly inspect and test your home or business to assess the extent of the damage. With state-of-the-art tools and training, they will remove traces of soot from walls, ceilings, roofs, and all other places.

Our team is trained to completely deodorize after a fire, as well as to perform minor repairs, like replacing drywall. Timeframes for repair vary, as each situation is unique, but when we’re done, your property will be as close to pre-fire conditions as possible.

Recuperating after a fire can be a difficult time. That’s why we work so hard to restore your home or business to pre-fire conditions—so you can get back to your pre-fire life, “Like it never even happened.”

Contact Us for Proven Fire Damage Restoration

After an emergency, you deserve a premier cleaning and restoration company that can help you get back up and running. Our SERVPRO professionals can return your home to preloss conditions in most cases, which is why we’re the #1 choice for a fire damage restoration company near Wrightsville, PA.