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Commercial water damage

Commercial Water Restoration

This is some water damage that a local business was struggling to get under control. SERVPRO professionals of East York were called on to mitigate water and restore the effected areas using their equipment. We are proud to say that we satisfied this business' needs and left things looking like nothing ever even happened.

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Floor restoration

Flooring Restoration

Our professionals at SERVPRO of East York were called out to restore a customers' flooring due to some water damage that was never taken care of. This water damage then lead to the growth of mold. SERVPRO of East York started off by removing the old flooring, then they dried out the effected areas in order to prepare for restoration. Our priority at SERVPRO is to fulfill our customer's visions or needs. 

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Flooring rebuild

Flooring Rebuild

This customer had some structural damage underneath their linoleum flooring in their kitchen and called us at SERVPRO of East York to fulfill their vision and redo their flooring. Satisfying our customers is always our number one priority. With our professionals' equipment and experience we were able to do just that and leave the customer's home looking better than before.

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Water damage

Water Damaged Bathroom

A customer had some water damage in their bathroom that went untreated and lead to the growth of mold. SERVPRO professionals of East York were called on to completely restore the damages and get things back looking "Like it never even happened."

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Duct Cleaning

Importance of duct cleaning

Duct cleaning is just one of the many services offered to you by SERVPRO of East York.

Keeping up on duct cleaning has a substantial amount of benefits to your home or business. Air ducts often contain airborne particles such as, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, mildew, and mold spores. Periodic duct cleaning promotes a healthier lifestyle and can save you money because a clean duct does not have to use as much power to keep up. 

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Flooded basement

Flooding caused by heavy rains

This customer's basement had a substantial amount of flooding after a storm occurred. Our professionals at SERVPRO of East York were called on to extract the standing water and mitigate the area in order to avoid water damage or the rooting of mold. We're faster to any sized disaster! 

Fire damage

Residential Fire

This is the aftermath of a residential fire. There were substantial smoke and structural damage when we arrived on the scene. Even though this was an extremely devastating situation for the customer, our professionals at SERVPRO of East York were able to reassure them that we could get things back like they never even happened!

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Water damage

Water Damaged Ceiling

A customer who was experiencing extreme water damage to her residential ceilings called our professionals at SERVPRO of East York to come do a complete restoration of the affected areas. Using our equipment and experience we were able to get things back under control, like they never even happened!

techs cleaning after placing containment

Safety is Our TOP Priority

At SERVPRO of East York, SAFETY is our top priority. From providing our employees with top of the line Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to assessing jobs sites for potential safety hazards, SERVPRO of East York tries to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and customers alike! 

In this photo, two of our employees are wearing Tyvek and n-95 masks to protect themselves after having sprayed anti-microbial. Note how they have also protected the homeowners belongings by placing a plastic barrier to cover them. Additionally, a containment barrier was placed to prevent cross-contamination, including any new areas becoming affected.

If you need a safety-conscious team to do restoration services in your home, call SERVPRO of East York at 717-665-1270!

garage fire in residential property

Let Us Help You After Your House Fire

This residential property suffered from significant smoke and soot damage after a fire started in the homeowner's garage.  SERVPRO of East York responded quickly and immediately started the restoration process.  Our Team of IICRC certified Technicians were able to assist the homeowner during this total-loss disaster, and are working to restore the property to like-new condition.

If you experience a fire at your home or business, call SERVPRO of East York at 717-665-1270! We are a24/7 emergency service provider, and are faster to any size disaster!

storm damaged roof

When the Winds Come A-howling

This East York commercial building is a perfect example of how a storm can quickly cause interior damage. When a raging wind storm came through our territory, we were called to action! Approximately 20,000 square feet of this roof was affected, causing entire sections of the ceiling to collapse. Once the area was vulnerable, water was able to enter the structure and further damage the walls and floors. 

If you experience storm damage, contact SERVPRO of East York at 717-665-1270! We are faster, to any size disaster.

Water damage at commercial water losss

Commercial Water Loss

This photo was taken at a recent commercial water loss in East York! When this local business owner called us on a Sunday afternoon, SERVPRO of East York was quickly on-site to begin water extraction throughout this 12,000 square foot office building. The entire building experienced standing water. The SERVPRO of East York technicians extracted the standing water, decontaminated each affected room, and swiftly started the dehumidification and drying process. Call SERVPRO of East York at 717-665-1270 for your commercial water mitigation needs! SERVPRO is a 24/7 emergency service provider and is faster to any size disaster!

West York Disaster Clean Up

When is comes to professional cleaning, the Borough of West York knew to reach out to the professionals. SERVPRO of East York was there to help remove the coolant from the building and restore it to a condition like it never happened.

Our crew chiefs, George & Austin, working hard at West York Borough Municipal building.

Read the article from The York Dispatch here!


We are equipped to handle large losses. Pictured above is one of two large loss trailers ready to go to the site of any major industrial or commercial disaster. Always be assured we can handle your commercial restoration.

SERVPRO Air Movers & Dehumidifers

Pictured above is one of our storage areas for water loss equipment—clean, ready, and set to go!

When your sprinkler system malfunctions, water heater breaks, or pipe bursts, we're ready to make it, "Like it never even happened."

Green Pick up Trucks!

Just one of our many trucks you may see on the road responding to everything from a residential cleaning to large commercial losses. Excluded above is our fleet of box trucks you're likely to encounter when we respond to larger losses.

Red Cross & SERVPRO of East York

Making the difference in our communities! SERVPRO of East York works with The Red Cross to install residential fire alarms. Thank you to all the people who volunteered with us!