Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of East York was called on to mitigate mold that was caused by multiple heavy storms and a deteriorating structure of the home. Our SERVPRO technicians completed the remediation and restoration processes and left this customer pleased. 

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Example of Storm Damage

This is an example of storm damage that led to rain water leaking into the structure of the customers home. SERVPRO of East York came in to complete the mitigation and restoration process. We left things looking like nothing even happened!

Struggling with storm damage? Call SERVPRO of East York at (717)-665-1270. Our trained technicians will be more than happy to help.

Storm Damage

This is an example of storm damage. The customer called SERVPRO of East York to restore their roof to avoid any additional issues such as potential water damage from another storm.

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Storm Damage Can Lead To More Damage

This customer's home had some roof damages caused by a strong storm. The roof damages led to rain water being able to seep in, creating water damage. The customer then called the professionals at SERVPRO of East York to come mitigate and restore the affected areas. SERVPRO professionals restored the structural issues and the water damage to avoid the growth of mold.

You can contact us at SERVPRO of East York at (717)-665-1270.

Flooding caused by heavy rains

This customer's basement had a substantial amount of flooding after a storm occurred. Our professionals at SERVPRO of East York were called on to extract the standing water and mitigate the area in order to avoid water damage or the rooting of mold. We're faster to any sized disaster! 

When the Winds Come A-howling

This East York commercial building is a perfect example of how a storm can quickly cause interior damage. When a raging wind storm came through our territory, we were called to action! Approximately 20,000 square feet of this roof was affected, causing entire sections of the ceiling to collapse. Once the area was vulnerable, water was able to enter the structure and further damage the walls and floors. 

If you experience storm damage, contact SERVPRO of East York at 717-665-1270! We are faster, to any size disaster.